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Hi There [Jul. 20th, 2003|01:18 am]
Erik Compton
[mood |contentcontent]

yes yet again I`m going to have to physically force trevor onto the computer after i am done so that he`ll update. he claims there is "no point" as (and i quote) ''no one reads his fucking journal anyway''....ignore him he`s just in a bad mood because he broke the toaster. and nearly started a fire in the protest.

talking of fire (in the disco), i went dancing the other night! yes it has truly been an age since i did so, being too tired because of work or just not in the mood...! and it was great!! trevor and leanna, mike and kirsty (new friends from work) came along and there was a klassic komedic moment when trevor fell on his shapely ass while dancing to eletric 6's "danger! danger! [high voltage]".......people stared and laughed, but i haughtily stomped over with the maternal grace of a mother elephant and helped my beloved to his hoofs. err, i mean feet.

i heard from justin.....he phoned from some weird place in england, sussix or something. apparantly having a fabby time. he`s been into london and seen all the sights and it is his testimony that the british lay-dees cant keep their eyes off him. good job his gf is there to keep a beady eye on him or he`d be likely bringing home a nice few STDs in addition to the happy flags/t-shirts/other souvineers.

steves arm is out of the cast now and he`s going back to work in 2 weeks once his physiotherapy sessions are all out and they`ve made sure his reflexes are back to normal. hopefully when hes at work he`ll be feeling better because hes down mom says :\.

Frodo has been........given the chop shall we say!! his nuts are as limp as deflated balloons. he mopes like he has just lost his best friend. i suppose if i lost my nuts, id be doing the same haha!! oh that note, i`ll leave!
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2003|09:22 am]
Erik Compton
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]

its rather early but

hello kiddies its my birthday!!!

i'm coming on msn soon to receieve all the kind birthday hugs and kisses!!

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chicken pie [Jul. 2nd, 2003|07:28 pm]
Erik Compton
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |aerosmith nine livbes album]

yes!!!!! its true!!!!! im still alive!!!!!!......ok so it was touch and go there for a while when steve came here to stay for the weekend, fell down the apartment stairs and broke his arm BUT the point is now i am here. for any and all of you who have emailed me of late i am truly sorry 4 the delay! i`ve simply not been on or had the time. the good news is that even although i have been ignoring you like a deaf, fat old pigeon there has been good reason for that.....holding down a job with sporadic shifts AND an education is not easy my summer classes have been weighing on me quite heavily and since my boss cottoned on 2 the fact that i am one of the best people for dealing with freaky night time customers at the bar he has allocated me very odd shifts in light of this epiphany!!! but the big thing is one of my lino pieces, i sold it through the community college art gallery showing and then they asked for more work! i sold some landscape photos and made a packet as well as a few more linos. i`m now working on perfecting my skill at portraits (!!!)...not an easy task and i mostly only have trevor to practise on in free time and he is restless and not very willing to stay still.......i`m pushing him onto the computer in about 30 minutes so he can update his journal cause park gave him the mother foocuking code so he might as well not let his journal go to waste......YES I KNOW I AM ONE TO TALK......

what else is new...........

uhhhhhhh...............justin is away to british soil, and he took his gf with him. or should i say partener, now that they live together!! i am still shocked and expecting it to end any minute....yes i know he is my brother i should have more faith in him but QUITE FRANKLY HE IS JUST NOT THE TUPE to have a long term gf!! but i guess it is different this time....

as i was saying above steve came down for the weekend......he is up 4 a major promotion at work and if he gets it then he is going to be quite literally rolling in it....money that is, not horse shit or anything disgusting like that......hes very excited and he spent a rare holiday up here with us boys. unfortunately the day he was leaving and carying his travel case down the stairs, he tripped and fell and managed to fracture his arm. he is lucky he didnt get a more major injury cause it was a very nasty fall and he hit his head but the hospital said there were no signs of concussion so everything was okay.....his arm is now in a cast and mom is treating him like a 4 year old so the reports say. also he has had to take leave from work due to this, as one can hardly operate with ones arm in a plaster cast......he is concerned this may jeopardize his chances of a promotion but i hope this will not be the cas.e

copious amounts of email @ my hotmail from gondor IM SORRY i will write back infact i`ll sign on msn now and talk stuff thru with you....you`ve been brave (if stupid) in my absence so now we need to have The Talk.............

also a belated happy 18th to lewarse

bye for now
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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2003|12:41 am]
Erik Compton
[mood |ditzyditzy]

my wonderful boyfriend has a live journal. presenting altair_lucian!

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ooops [May. 30th, 2003|05:59 pm]
Erik Compton
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |lemhey lemhey of the malfunctioning microwave]

park just severely chastised me on msn for never updating and never posting comments or replies etc etc etc.....so here i am big man!!! doing what you told me!!!

makes sense for me to come here anyway i guess because soon the famous and wonderful love of my life mr trevor vertue will be joning us here on lj!!!! park has offered him his free code and trevor has said he would love to come on here especialyl since now we have the new computer and the lap top is his!!!!! so excitement all round please to welcome trevor possibly later this same evening!!!!!!! clap your handies together like the enthusiastic seal!!!

working in a bar sure sucks sometimes. you hear all the stories of all the great ppl you can meet and the life experience you get the shit you learn etc but man sometimes it sucks more testicles than a gay pony on steroids. a complete stranger (lucky 4 him) puked his guts up on me the other day as i was mopping up someone elses vomit by the door. working in a bar is sometimes enough to put you off the notion of drinking for life.

thats my thought of the day now i'm going to make waffles.
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apparantly...... [May. 23rd, 2003|07:43 pm]
Erik Compton
[mood |flirtyflirty]

You are the "HUGE" afro!

What kind of afro ARE *YOU*?????
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long awaited answers...... [May. 23rd, 2003|03:17 pm]
Erik Compton
[mood |busybusy]
[music |The Foo Fighters - Walking After You]

[ eating ] : lunch it's a hamburger
[ mood ] : lazy
[ thinking ] : about where the ketchup is
[ singing ] : foos
[ listening ]: FOOS
[ doing ] : just this quiz n some ppl on msn
[ looking at ] : the manual for the vcr, its broken
[ life or no life? ] : life and its pretty busy right now
[ best friend ] : my lovely trevor
[ wanting ] : pickles for this burger
[ finding ] : forrester
[ wasting ] : valuable hours of the day by wasting away here at the computer and indulging in unhealthy fast food!!!
[ loving ] : gondor's current shy fan-girl mood
[ missing ] : ppl i've not been in contact with recently like val and Emmo hunter.
[ talking to ] : frodo, le puppy.
[ fighting with ] : myself over whether or not to make some fries to go with this burger
[ smelling ] : i think someone nearby is having a bbq!

[ shy or outgoing ] : my partner is shy!
[ what do you want from a partner? ] : exactly what i get from trevor.
[ feature you notice first ] : general body language so i can try and get a feel for a person's personality
[ looks/personality ] : personality
[ piercings ] : depends where they are!!
[ tan or fair ] : most people around here are tanned 2 some degree but i don't like the baked brown look personally
[ age difference limit ] : none it doesn't bother me
[ smart/dumb ] : smart
[ funny/serious ]: a nice combination of both

[ chocolate milk, or hot chocolate ] : hot chocolate, great after a hard day at work
[ McDonalds or burger king ] : burger queen!!
[ coke or Pepsi ] : pepsi
[ cats or dogs ] : used to be cats but frodo is swaying me towards hounds
[ milk, dark, or white chocolate? ] dark...mmm! rrrich!
[ sunny or rainy ] : could do with more rain its so warm here right now but that would raise the humidity so.....sun it is i guess!
[ winter, summer, fall, or spring ] : spring.......
[Chocolate or vanilla] : vanilla! innocent! pure! corruptable!
[ biking or blading ] : biking
[ cereal or toast ] : toast, mm, crispy!!!!!
[ bunk or water bed ] : i fall from bunk beds, but water beds make me feel sea sick!!!!

[ Best friends ] : trevor, mekare_enra from scotland, the lovely Park from canada, daniel and val from back home. lewarse when he puts in an appearance
[ Friends that you look like ] : no one looks like me, i guess that is both a blessing and a curse
[ Who you go to for advice the most ] : trevor or gondor. used to be emmo hunter but now she is hardly around!
[ should talk to more ] : my eldest brother
[ loudest ] : Val
[ craziest ] : Park
[ meanest] : Trevor he's stingy with the $$$!
[ funniest ] : they're all """halerious"""
[ nicest ] : trevor
[ shortest ] : gondor or emmo
[ been there for you ] : they've all been there when i needed them if they had deserted me they wouldn't be best friends.....

[ colour ] : black n red
[ ocean or pool ] : ocean...freedom! free willy! etc
[ laugh or cry ] : laugh
[ silver or gold ] : silver
[ diamonds or pearls ] : pearls, especially when in drag.
[ sunset or sunrise ] : sunrise, lovely 2 paint
[ snack ]: smart cookies©
[ board game ] : nekkid twisyrt
[ all-time song ] : dont have an all time fave song
[ current song ] : "Lift Me Up" by Darren Hayes
[ rap song ] : "lose myself" by eminem
[ holiday ] : back to my home!!!!
[ movie star ] : viggo mortensen
[ TV show ] : the west wing, the sopranos, buffy, alias, angel, friends, farscape.
[ Disney character ] : dumbo! SO SEXY!!!!!!!!
[ animal ] : dolphin
[ activity ] : mucho sex.

[DO YOU..?]
[ do you like school ] : don't go
[ do you like to talk on the phone ] : yeah good way to keep in touch and lovely to hear the voice of someone you miss
[ do you have your own phone line ] : well its my f-ing house you do the math
[ do you like to dance ] : yeah badly

[ went running ] : never!
[ worked out ] : a month ago
[ danced like a frickin idiot ] : last night
[ went to a movie ] : i saw identity and it rocked my purple socks off
[ talked on the phone ] : spoke to justin last night.

[ is ur hair colour natural? ] : yee gods in heavenus no. my natural hair is wispy mouse brown
[ do u have a cell phone? ] : a necessity in the modern world
[ what do u want to do with your life? ]: what i'm doing now, be loved, have fun, and learn.
[ last time u went bowling ] : years ago
[ are u any good at bowling ] : god no
[ last time u went to the doctor ] : last week for my rather odd wart which is now gone
[ do u have a credit card ] : thank the lord yeh
[ do u consider urself a "nice" person ] : to those who are nice to me, yeh
[ are u stressed out? ] : nah
[ do u think ur spoiled? ] : not really, i was the baby, by the time i arrived bringing up children was no biggie
[ do u like mustard? ] : SO MUCH!!!!!!
[ have u seen the exorcist? ] : yeh
[ how bout dumb &dumber? ] : yeh
[ ever been skydiving? ] : no but i wanna
[ number of piercings ] : one in the ear

[ bought ] : a pen
[ did ] : made this burger
[ ate & drank] : this burger and a pepsi
[ watched on TV ] : hope & glory this morning

[ club or houseparty ] : club
[ tea or coffee ] : tea
[ high achiever or easy-going ] : easy-going
[ beer or cider ] : beer
[ drinks or shots ] : shots
[ hug or kiss ] : kiss

[ kill ] : so many!
[ slap ] : lesley whylie.
[ tickle ] : trevor is great 2 tickle
[ avoid ] : mike, the ex-best friend......

there. i1m still alive......where r half u guys?!? PARK WHERE IS MY PHONE CALL?!?!?!
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hmmmmmmm......... [May. 22nd, 2003|07:39 am]
Erik Compton
[mood |crazycrazy]


What kind of door handle ARE YOU??!?!
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Congratulations you are the Christmas Tree! Your
young and jolly and happy. C'mon do a little
dance for us!

What kind of tree are you? Come on i know you really wanna know
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hiiiiiii! [May. 6th, 2003|10:45 pm]
Erik Compton
[mood |blankblank]
[music |gar-hosh gar-hosh of a passing train]

Sorry for lack of updates I'm a bad bad boy :;spanks self;:.

guess what!!! i am here to promote the lovely park bench, who now has a livejournal account of his very own at park_bench so everyone RUN DO NOT WALK AND MAKE HIM YOUR BRAND NEW FRIEND!!!!

ok pimpin' over, what else is new? err i am talking to lewarse and mekare_enra about various stuffs.

I've been working a lot, both at work work and also at all the college stuff.....i have taken some photos of some of my new art work and hope to put them up here or link to them soon :) :)

Trevor continues to help others via the phone. and he is learning sax which is lovely (NOTTTTTTT) to hear. (he sucks so far)

Frodo continues to shit all over all of the items in the apartment that cost the most, things are turning a brown color all round!!!
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news and other things [May. 1st, 2003|04:44 am]
Erik Compton
[mood |dorkydorky]
[music |httttttum of the oven]

Hi there!!!

i don't know any of your current news!!!!!!! it is an ATROCITY!!! all i know is my lil sis is a bit "SICKLY" from what Gondor has been saying!!!!

i can't believe "24" is almost over! trevor sends a cheerful hello from the bedroom i think he's naked, he sounds naked, i better go check if he's naked.

...welll he wasn't naked but he WAS playing with his new toy (a saxaphone)...you're a-thinkin it's amazing i didn't hear him papring all the way from here right??? but well thats because he cant play yet, all he does is hold it and look longingly at it's golden brassiness.

wow! i have been working a lot recently!!! and park was over for a while too, just a weekend though!!!! justin came down for a weekend also but he has now departed thank GOD!!! you cannot have loud sex in an appartment when your brother is asleep on the sofa!!!!!! it is just not good brotherly etiquette!!......then i realised he did it to me millions of times so fuck that for a game of soldiers.

trev and i went for a shag (i.e. good food)at this indian restaurant close by and the waiter asked for my autograph!!!!! turns out he thought i was a famous author?!!!!! when i wrote erik compton he was like wtf??? so it was all quite humiliating 2 b honest.

oh and the easter time courses at college are wonderful i know so much more about printing, and i have become a lot better in terms of painting also and plus a naked guy came and posed which was absolutely fabulous.

trevors job is not a phone sex booty calling service no matter what gondor may have told you it is a psychic advice line!!! and our puppy shits all over the place!!!!! it is WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont get a puppy : THEY SHIT!!!!!!!!

how is fuckface, eeveryone? still a bastard? gondor says he is gorgeous priceless perfect and beautiful but her head is up her back passage so i presume he is still a high class wanker. i cannot believe parkei did a gig!!! OMG!!!!! i was so excited 4 him, who was there?? lewarse??? gondors taste in men still sucks it seems, who the fcuk is this maretin guy? however....stuart powell!!! though it seems he is 2 busy for her which is BAD!!!! as for v.2.0. well she is stupid to move from one arrogant fuckwit to another arrogant fuckwit, i've done it in the past!!!!

(oh and i am a good man, and for the record i would never bleach my hair. EVER!!!)

ahhhhh i gotta go anyway oven just bling-blinged i think the PIE IS READY!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! byeeeee!!!!!!
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