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Erik Compton

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merry christmas!!!! [Dec. 26th, 2003|04:08 am]
Erik Compton
[mood |crazycrazy]

well technically it`s actually over now since it is just past 4am but MERRY CHRISTMAS all the same yeah! :)

perfect Christmas all round because most of the family (well the ones that matter!!) made it down here for the big day mid afternoon and we served up a FEAST!!!! No one got poisoned and everyone went home full & happy! RESULT!!

trev stunned me by giving me plane tickets as my big present from him - we're going to (WAIT FOR IT!!!!) paris for a FORTNIGHT in april!! I`m as excited as a little boy when he gets his first erection! meeee! Paris! WEEE!! i felt inadequate giving him a watch as his largest gift hahaaaa..

i thought i was awake, but i`m really not so much so I might go sleepybyes instead.

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numbers [Oct. 27th, 2003|06:09 am]
Erik Compton
What Irrational Number Are You?
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mormings [Oct. 27th, 2003|06:02 am]
Erik Compton
[mood |apatheticapathetic]
[music |twitters of birdys]

i hope you`re all fully aware of the joys that come when you get up at 6 in the morning..........if not, try it soon!! you`ll find you are bursting with murderous energy and ready to cast your enemies into hell....a healthy start to any working day!!!

got the sunrise though which was the reason for early rising. (part of my current project)

frodo keeps scratching his ass and i wonder if maybe he has fleas?!? but then where would he have got them.........trevor? he doesn't have as much hair (or skin) as he used to so chances are slim haha ;) nahh i`m sure its a skin condition maybe ill take him to the vetniarnannrnary sunurgery later.

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a good afternoon!!! [Oct. 21st, 2003|12:43 pm]
Erik Compton
[mood |determined]

hi :-)

yes that does mean im still in the living land of the living ones hahah! its not even that i`ve been hellishly busy more that i`ve been lazyyyyy......

so what`s new? same old same old. bar job this bar job that, though i did walk out on the job i had whnn i last posted here i think. it was getting ridiculous.....i was getting constant ignorance off the BIG MAN and one day i turned and said "fuck this i quit" and flounced off tossing my flowing locks o're my shoulders!!!

.....of course i had to finish out the week. which was humiliating but yknow its what you do. and i work at the bar in a club near college now...pay is better funnily enough and the staff are way easy to get on with.

college is hard this year, no kidding!! different people taking stuff to do with us now as well the guy leading the photo seminar hates my guts. he said i had shit composition in a photo i had so much fuckin trouble with, pretty tough competition as well since if i dont get over 70% in the textiles/still life at the end of the month i (and anyone else with a similar cunty score) gets booted. so pressures on!!

i hardly see trevor because our college times are totally different and i work nights he works evenings.......but we both have most of a wednesday off so that is now officially ''couple night'' and we do something dateish like the movies or a night on the tiles so to speak!!! despite the difficult times our relationship does not get stale :-) :-)

now i got to read at least back 200 or somethin and check how my friendies are doing.

to quote a scotish band "peace the fuck out" !!!

x x x
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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2003|12:02 am]
Erik Compton
[mood |creativecreative]

i have no news, but im still alive and thought id drop in to check on my friendies :-)
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GIP [Aug. 15th, 2003|07:53 pm]
Erik Compton
[mood |jubilantjubilant]

in honour of my dvd boxset arriving this very morn i got a bri/justin icon. their love is so pure!!!!!

well to be honest it is more dirty and sinful but whatever keeps the angels singing
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ahoy mateys [Aug. 15th, 2003|07:43 pm]
Erik Compton
[mood |crazycrazy]

all this talk on the 'net of everyones obsession with the PoTC movie!!! i went with trevor and paul to see it again today and i am filled with love for johnny depp.....we went on to a rental store and i got out from hell, sleepy hollow, and blow!! going to watch them when trevor comes home he is out to get a take away pizza nyum nyum

in the mean time!! catching up with friends on msn, wtf is lewis and david etc????? or is it bed time over there so only gondor with the strange body clock is around....maybe.

johnny depp! woooooo....

i have nothing else to say so I`ll just leave! haha!
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barforama [Aug. 12th, 2003|06:56 am]
Erik Compton
[mood |crankycranky]

yes I'm posting for the 2nd time in 2 days......i came home from work and couldn't sleep so here I am at this ridiculous time of day!!

work was shit.....some guy with a bowler hat puked over me, and a drunk chinese woman with way too many piercings tried to hit on me. trevor is in bed so i`m trying not to wake him with my typing.

congrats to emmo, lewis, gondor, makr, sarah for your results from what i`ve read you`ve all done well! emmo/gondor you didn't need your results anyway but nice one....lewis good luck still getting into presston....good one mark, and sarah i hope you make it to australia!

i'm going to get "breakfast" waffles now.......
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there is still life within these walls [Aug. 11th, 2003|11:45 am]
Erik Compton
[mood |awake]

hi fellas! A merry georgian morning to y'all.

you know the drill.....i disappear for months at time...come sauntering back...post a lot of codswallop....push my SO onto the comp so he too can post a lot of codswallop...same old, same old.

how is everyone? stupid question really, since Im going to read my friends list in a minute.

me, I'm fine. Sporadic use of caPiTaLs aside, haha. okay from here on in i`m going to try 2 stop being so lazy; stop using abreviations and stop only capitalising ocassionally............

I am fine; work is good, summer college work is wonderful, and I have discovered the upside to working strange hours (ie during the night)...it is much much MUCH cooler. It has been too hot in daylight hours of late and cause of that my nite time shifts are far more plesant.

we had some people over last night, mostly from work and had a delightful time playing that squiggle game where one person makes a random something on paper and the other has to turn it into something. Bob, who had recently been to Lousiana, brought some leaflets and of course this li'l beauty was created...

ahhhh good times ;D ;D ;D

Justin came home from his British Voyage....annoying he seems to have adopted something of an English lilt. I am undecided as to whether this is merely to irritate me, or if he really is Just That Fucking Stupid. But he brought presents, including a cover for Frodo that is decorated with many tiny british flags. Everyone else is fine including my parents, for once!!

Park is coming over at the end of the month for a week!!!!! YES! A WEEK! I am sooo excittteddddd and i just can't hiiiiiide ittttt......Trev is somewhat dubious about the sleeping arrangements, but there is plenty 'o room! Speaking of my lovely other half his head has been buried in massage books of late. Hes trying to get a head start before he begins his course I believe....he tried what he had learned on me and oh my! i received an orgasmically good back rub. Park staunchly refuses to be a "victim" as he puts it, but once he gets here rest assured we shall chain him to the bed if he does not consent. (oo err that sounds dirty but it's NOT!!!!!!!!) his trepidation is due to a bad experience with an ex girlfriend who almost dislocated his shoulder. it's not that we don't get it -- it's understandable. we just don't care ;)

enough is enough............byee

also i'm going to change my icons. or 2 of them anyway!
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(no subject) [Aug. 2nd, 2003|07:27 am]
Erik Compton
Its 7am and i`m smiling

thats all
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